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Radar Sensor

Leveraging our skills in microwave technology to help revolutionize the new driving experience that is autonomous driving—that is our maxim that has enabled us to develop the latest in aftermarket and OEM automotive radar sensors. WNC is excited at the unique opportunity to provide the most innovative radars with the best performance, but we continue striving to make radar affordable for everybody and save lives in the process.

WNC has been dedicated to developing the most innovative radar sensors for many years. One aspect deserving special attention is the versatility of WNC’s radar systems, which enable all-around-view detection by using radar sensors. Our products offer features such as Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Lane Change Assistance (LCA), and Door Open Warning (DOW)  driver-assist technology to detect potential hazards in unpredictable environments.

For the automotive aftermarket, we have extensive experience bringing the most easily-installed yet affordable radar to market. Our universal packages are compatible with most car models and have been installed on many passenger cars and commercial vehicles. These packages include complete systems and instructions to install the radars onto vehicles quickly and conveniently.

WNC’s system-design capabilities help us understand how best to match the needs of our customers, and our global footprint means we can adapt our systems for many OEMs and AM customers in different markets. We currently provide a range of configurations and possibilities to make your product vision a reality, from complete applications to user-friendly interfaces.

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  • 24GHz Front Detection Radar Sensor
    24GHz BSD + RCTA Radar Sensor
    24GHz Lane Change Assistant Detection Radar Sensor
    77GHz Mid Range Radar / 77GHz Long Range Radar
    79GHz UWB Radar